Best Tips To Ensure Your Task Lighting Is Right

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Learning the best tips to ensure your task lighting is right will complete your home’s aesthetic while providing you with the necessary illumination.

best tips to ensure your task lighting is right

Lighting is an often-overlooked component of home renovations. We’re not letting that happen because we want to tell you the best tips to ensure your task lighting is right. Then, you can read, write, hack, and saw without an issue!

Home Office

Task lighting is integral for completing work in a home office. You don’t want to give yourself a headache by squinting to read a report or crunching numbers on a spreadsheet in dim lighting. A desk light is the most time-honored and efficient way to light up your tasks.

A desk light works best with its own illumination rather than intermingling with other bright lights in the room. Install it far away from windows or light sources; otherwise, you might have to deal with an irritating glare. 

A bright computer screen paired with inadequate lighting may cause negative, long-term effects on your version, so you must use a desk light as intended. You can also go the extra mile to combat eye strain from computers with specially designed blue light glasses.

Living Room

There’s nothing quite like laying on your couch after a long and difficult day and returning to a book you can’t put down. However, you might not get the respite you desire if you lack task lighting to light up the pages. 

You might already have the three fundamental types of lighting in your living room, but task lighting may be the most beneficial for reading. A reading lamp or desk light like the one in your home office is a good source, assuming you have it directly behind or beside you. You’re in good shape if it doesn’t create a glare with another light source. 


Another prime spot for task lighting is in your bedroom. However, you might consider something more permanent with mounted lights if you prefer to read in bed. Another positive about task lighting in the bedroom is the dim light source, which is nice if you don’t want to brighten the entire room. 


The rooms we’ve discussed are more for aesthetics and comfort. On the other hand, kitchen task lighting is much more about safety and practicality than anything else. Tasking lighting in the kitchen lets you see what you’re cutting and cooking. Unless you’re swindling someone during “the knife game,” you probably want to see what you’re doing with a cutting tool.

Using the natural light that shines through the windows can be helpful during the day, especially around the sink. However, you need lighting when the sun goes down; that’s when pendant lighting comes into play. Pendant lights are decorative lights that can serve the same purpose as task lights. 

Bottom line: you want good task lighting in the kitchen where you’re the most active, so you no longer have to chop veggies in your own shadow. Following the best tips to ensure your task lighting is right guarantees your home’s interior has a perfect lighting arrangement. You may not appreciate how much proper lighting helps until you actually see it for yourself.