Black Max Chainsaw Review | Pros, Cons, and Alternatives in 2023

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Interested in a Black Max chainsaw?

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If you buy a chainsaw, you can spare no expense and not buy anything less than perfection.

Investing in a weak chainsaw will only lead to you wasting your time – and can even lead to injury. A chainsaw is a very serious tool that can inflict a lot of damage to property or people. When you think about that, it is even more why you should never cut corners and go cheap when buying a chainsaw. It’s also important to know how to use a chainsaw safely.

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One of the most popular types of chainsaws on the market right now is the Black Max chainsaw. It is known worldwide for its superior materials, excellent construction, and reliable power.

If you are new to chainsaws or don’t know much about them, there is much to learn. But you should know this: purchasing a Black Max chainsaw is a great way to ensure that you have a safe, strong, reliable tool that will get the job done for a reasonable price point.

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But what is Black Max?

Black Max chainsaws are owned by the global brand Stanley Black & Decker. Surely, you have heard of them before because they have been around for more than 170 years and are recognized as a great brand in every corner of the globe. Since acquiring Black Max and beginning to produce them, Black & Decker have only made this line of chainsaws stronger, better, and more worth your time.

Black Max chainsaws are known for their beauty, their ease of use, and their lightweight build. They are typically about just 12 pounds, which means that you can easily lug them around the yard and bring them to just about any task that you have. The fact that they are so easy to carry only make Black Max saws even better.

Honda Engines Technology actually make Black Max chainsaws. They are known and have been known for generations as a very reliable engine maker, not just for Black Max but other brands as well for products such as lawn mowers, pressure washers, and more. In other words, you know you are getting something that is made with quality when you buy a Black Max because Honda can be trusted. The Black Max brand is manufactured in the United States, despite Honda being a Japanese company originally.

Black Max Chainsaw 20-Inch Gas

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The Black Max 20-inch Gas Chainsaw is ideal for handling all medium-to-heavy duty cutting requirements. That makes it one of the very best chainsaws on the market, let alone one of the best Black Max chainsaws. It can do more than cut medium-to-heavy items too. It may also be used to split firewood logs, chop down substantial trees, cut through undergrowth, and clean up storm debris too following bad weather.

The robust 50cc engine’s cut diameter of 18 inches allows users to easily cut through even the hardest wood without much hassle. The 20-inch bar and chain that comes with this powerful gas saw are more than enough to greatly improve the ease of your task at hand. The 20-inch also comes with an automated oiler to keep it operating continuously without a break or concern about losing the chain without warning. Additionally, the tool-free filter cover of the Black Max 20-Inch chainsaw provides hassle-free operation. That has a side-access chain tensioning system that makes modifications as simple as possible.

Finally, the anti-vibration technology significantly boosts operating usage, making everything more practical and user-friendly. This means that things are easier and better by eliminating the need for physical effort and hand weariness.


  • Powerful engine
  • Anti-vibration system creates more comfort


  • While still light, it weighs more than many other Black Max models

Black Max Chainsaw 38cc 2 Cycle Engine

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The Black Max 2 Cycle 16-Inch Chainsaw is easily one of the best heavy-duty creations currently on the market and it is really an ideal choice for most cutting requirements no matter how much experience you have working the yard and slicing things up. It is appropriate for all of the tasks one plans to complete. The  chainsaw has all the strength necessary to finish any task at hand thanks to its powerful, reliable engine and its ease of usage. It performs far better than alternatives in terms of both durability and efficacy.

It also requires no assembly! That’s right, the chainsaw is sent to users completely put together and prepared for use right out of the box. The automatic oiler on this Black Max 38cc increases the lifespan of its bar and chain system as well. The bar tip and chain brake work together to provide easy cutting and overall safety. without having to bother about stopping every so often to check on the chain or to oil it.

Here is a fantastic feature to keep in mind when contemplating buying this one: its anti-vibration technology improves user comfort and enables one to complete any task without worrying about growing weary or developing numb hands.


  • Ultra Safe
  • Fully-assembled


  • Sells quickly so it’s harder to find


What if you don’t want to purchase a Black Max chainsaw for one reason or another? Maybe you’re not comfortable with its price point or maybe you feel it doesn’t have all the features you need. Whatever the reasons, you have options that you can pursue if you decide that Black Max chainsaws aren’t right for you.

The Stihl MS 250 and the Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss are a great place to start when looking for Black Max alternatives. Meanwhile, the Husqvarna 120 Mark II and 460 Rancher will also get the job done too. You can also always rely on the Black+Decker 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw as well as the Black+Decker 15-Amp Corder Electric Chainsaw. Both will be very light (like a Black Max) but also very strong (like a Black Max).

The truth is that many other chainsaw companies are attempting to model their own products after the design and efficiency of the Black Max. That means that there are many products currently on the market that will rival it – though they may never surpass it.

Happy sawing!

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