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If you are the type of person who needs to use a chainsaw around your home, chances are that there are other tools that you will require to go along with it. A chainsaw will rarely be used by itself without any other products to help get the job done. You’ll need the right chainsaw tool for different circumstances, or that you’ll need to use every time you use your chainsaw.

If you’re yet to get a chainsaw, read my article on the Top 10 Best Rated Chainsaws for 2022.

But, If you’ve just bought a chainsaw, don’t put away your wallet just yet. That is because there are a few other chainsaw tools that you will need to pick up to make your chainsaw run well, efficiently, and for a long time.

I’ll go over a few other chainsaw tools you will most likely need if you have a chainsaw.

Let’s dive in!

Disclosure: The chainsaw items recommended below are my top favorites because they have a great combination of quality and features. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through the links as a way to support this site. If you buy a qualifying product, you’re not charged anything extra, but I’ll get a small commission to help pay for my expenses. I hope you find my advice helpful and discover the best chainsaw stuff for your needs on this list.

1. Chaps

Using a chainsaw can be messy, messy business.

The kickback from a chainsaw can be pretty strong. When you are using it correctly, it is going to create a lot of sawdust and other residues that will get all over you. Sawdust and additional output from sawing will get everywhere, from your body to the surrounding area and many other places.

Chaps will do precisely what you’d imagine: keep all that sawdust and unpleasant mess off you. They will ensure that you still look good and feel clean when your sawing job is done.

But they do more than that too! Chainsaw chaps help lower the risk of significant harm from kickbacks. Chaps are intended to halt the chainsaw quickly if it comes in touch with your legs and is composed of layers of extra cut material with a tough outer layer. Chaps are necessary; you should never use a chainsaw without them applied to your body, especially when working hard.

Chainsaw chaps are available at your neighborhood hardware shop or online. Chaps of decent quality may be purchased for less than $100. Chaps with additional layers of protection, ranging from 6 to 9, often cost more than $100 and are advised for professionals.

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You can check out these top-rated YARDMARIS Technical Wrap Chainsaw Chaps for $89 on Amazon.

I also have a review page on the Best Chainsaw Chaps & Pants, to compare more of the best options.

2. Helmet

A chainsaw helmet is another must-have chainsaw tool that every chainsaw owner should have. This hard plastic hat will protect your most valuable asset: your head.

A helmet is necessary, especially if you chop limbs and branches down. You don’t want to risk something falling on your head and causing you harm. You also don’t know when some debris will come flying off of a branch or downed tree, even if it’s not standing straight up. That is why a helmet is a good idea, no matter what you are sawing.

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This TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet is a great option. It has a mesh and plastic visor for up-kicked debris and removable earmuffs for hearing protection.

3. Wedges

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A chainsaw wedge is a felling chainsaw tool that should be picked up when you buy your chainsaw. They are used to prevent the tree from falling in the wrong direction.

You don’t want a tree tumbling down on you or your property. You can direct the tree with a wedge and ensure it lands precisely what you intend. It’s helpful, easy to use, and keeps you safe.

The Cold Creek Loggers Spiked Tree Wedges are a great addition to any chainsaw user’s toolbox.

4. Cant Hook

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A long handle with a movable metal hook attached to one end makes up a cant hook. Hook sometimes is known as a cant dog since the word “dog” also refers to the hook. The cant hook is an essential piece of logging equipment used to turn and place felled logs and trunks, which makes it an important chainsaw tool.

Doing a lot of yard work outside and clearing out much debris will make the job so much easier. Check out this Cant Hook by OAOLOWF.

5. Oil

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You will need oil to power your chainsaw, so this is yet another essential chainsaw tool that needs to be considered when starting your outdoor project. The type of oil you need depends on the chainsaw you are using, so you will need to confer with your user manual to ensure you are not filling it up with something you can’t use.

Husqvarna Bar and Chain Oil is popular and favored by many chainsaw users. It’s a high-quality oil that works in most chainsaws, making it very versatile.

6. Lubricant

Chain lubricant will ensure that the chain is moving correctly, preventing excessive friction in the chain when the chainsaw is being used.

If there is too much friction, the chain will wear and tear and then fall apart. That will eventually lead to the chain breaking entirely. With chain lubricant, you can avoid that devastating outcome.

This bar and chain oil from Oregon is highly recommended and is a top-rated seller!

7. Logger Belt

You’ll need a logger belt if you are doing a lot of work outside your chainsaw. It is a toolbelt that can hold all the other items and tools you need.

A logger belt can get a bit pricey, but you will use it for a long time. But don’t be surprised if you drop close to 200 bucks on this belt. This is definitely a chainsaw tool that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Gatorback makes great logger belts for tools and is personally one of my favorites. Also, it’s one of my favorite chainsaw tool. It’s defineily a toolbelt for heavy duty tools and lasts a long time. You can find them in the pricerange of $139-$149 which is a great price for a logger belt.

8. Axe

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A chainsaw will do most of the job, but sometimes you need an ax to do the last bit of work on a downed tree, soil, or bark. An ax will help you cut up things more precisely, and it will also do your chainsaw a favor by avoiding more strain and hard work and will reduce the wear and tear on your chainsaw too.

Check out this chopping axe by INTERTOOL. It’s perfect for any last bits of heavy duty cutting. Top-rated for it’s non-slip handle and its lightweight design.

9. Chainsaw Spare Parts

These are very important to have around when you use a chainsaw often. Spare parts are usually required, sometimes when you least expect them. If you don’t have a spare parts kit lying around, your chainsaw will become dormant when something makes it stop working.

You can find spare parts kits everywhere, especially at any home repair store or tool shop that sells your chainsaw and accessories. Some places sell spare parts together but I prefer making my own spare parts kit by picking up parts here and there on my way to the hardware store. This way I can gradually build up my kit and I’ll have the parts from my favorite brands. You never know what you’re going to need!

10. Sharpening Kit

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The truth is that your chainsaw will never stay sharp 100% of the time. Eventually, you will need it sharpened so that it can get the job done and continue slicing with ease. That means that you need a sharpening kit.

A chainsaw sharpening kit consists of a flat file, a depth gauge, a round file, and a file guide. Depending on the size of your saw, you will need a specific sharpening kit designed for your tool.

You should check in with your manual to ensure you get the suitable kit. Otherwise, it will do you no good. And you should check on the teeth of your chainsaw often, typically whenever you refill the gas tank, to ensure they are not getting too dull.

This is the essential tool you should buy for your chainsaw because if you don’t have a sharp chainsaw, you don’t have a helpful tool. In fact, without sharp teeth, it is just a very expensive, loud, and ineffective paperweight.

I really love this sharpening kit by Oregon. It’s a bit pricier than just a small sharpening kit, but it comes with a felling wedge (which is also on my list), a screwdriver and a few other tools. On top of that, it comes in a case which makes storing stuff so much easier- especially if your work space looks like mine or if you’re travelling with tools.

That ends my list of the top essential tools every chainsaw user should own! I hope you found my list useful.

Happy sawing!

Your pal,

Chainsaw Larry

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