Chainsaw Larry Featured on Best Company

Today is an exciting day!

I was just featured on the Best Company website.

In collaboration with Best Company, I wrote an article on the 3 Types of Tree Insects and How to Get Rid of Them for the pest control section of their blog.

I was excited to write this article because it shares information on a topic that many of us are not aware of: tree destroying insects.

If you visit that linked page, you’ll find detailed information and control methods for the three types of insects that harm trees:

  • Boring insects
  • Chewing insects
  • Sucking insects

Knowing what each of those insects does and how to stop them from attacking your trees is important for keeping your trees healthy and alive.

You’d be surprised how many trees die each year in people’s yards because of those types of insects and a few simple steps of prevention could have saved them.

So, give it a quick read to educate yourself on the topic of tree destroying insects.

And be sure to also check out my top rated chainsaws page to find the best chainsaw for your needs.

If one of your trees does get infested with insects, you’ll likely have to cut off some branches to help save it. Or, worst case scenario, cut down the whole tree.

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