4 Industrial Applications for Boron Nitride

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You probably don’t often think about boron nitride, but it’s a surprisingly versatile chemical compound with many interesting industrial applications. Boron nitride is a common aggregate for many industrial cutting and grinding processes, seeing use in cutting and grinding wheels for wood and metalworking projects. Read on to learn more about the capabilities and functions of boron nitride. 

Abrasive for Cutting and Grinding Wheels

Some people may be familiar with a form of boron nitride known as CBN (carbon boron nitride). CBN’s exceptional durability and cutting ability make it highly sought after as a common aggregate in industrial cutting and grinding processes. Compared to other materials, CBN stands out due to its capability to cut through even the hardest and most sensitive materials. Whether they’re precious gems, thick metal, or delicate sheets of glass, many substances meet their match in the face of CBN. The compound’s resilience ensures it can withstand the rigors of cutting and grinding without losing its effectiveness, making it a valuable asset in industrial applications. Notably, both CBN and diamond cutting wheels are used for industrial applications, so it’s important to know which blade material is best for your needs before using either type of aggregate.

Heavy-Duty Tools

Cubic boron nitride (c-BN) materials play a critical role in the manufacturing of certain industrial tools. The inclusion of these materials in the production process results in significantly stronger tools. This strength surpasses even those tools that have a covering of CBN grit. The superior durability of c-BN materials enables these tools to easily withstand heavy-duty tasks, making them a preferred choice in various manufacturing applications.

Electronic Insulation

Boron nitride exhibits remarkable thermal capabilities, including excellent insulating characteristics. These characteristics make it a valuable material in the realm of modern technology. Among the many variations of boron nitride used in this field, silicon and beryllium doped cubic boron nitride (Si, Be doped c-BN) are particularly common. Their unique properties contribute to the efficient functioning of electronic devices, enhancing their performance while ensuring they remain safe for users.

Military and Defense

Boron nitride is an essential component in the military and defense sector, especially when covered in carbon fibers. It finds extensive use in the manufacturing of armor plating for tanks and personal protective equipment. The robustness of BN, combined with the strength of carbon fibers, creates highly durable and resilient protective gear. This equipment plays a crucial role in safeguarding personnel and assets, underlining the importance of boron nitride in this vital industry.These industrial applications highlight just how versatile and helpful this often-overlooked chemical compound truly is. Most importantly, boron nitride (specifically CBN) is one of the most common grit materials for chainsaw sharpening wheels, ensuring chainsaw fanatics have safe and effective tools!