Types of Chainsaws Explained

Various types of chainsaws on display

At one time, chainsaws were simple machines. They included a gas engine, a blade, and a chain. Nothing more and nothing less. Now, chainsaws come in all different types, sizes, and colors and include a wealth of advanced features to suit so almost anyone’s tastes. For example, the general types of chainsaws you can get … Read more

Worx Chainsaw Review: Top 3 Best Worx Chainsaws

Worx chainsaw

Want to learn if a Worx chainsaw is worth all the hype? Or perhaps you are interested in Worx models and are looking to get one that covers all your housing needs. With this review, I’ve got you covered. Worx is a unique brand for its innovation and product versatility, evidenced by its cutting-edge mechanism. … Read more

When Were Chainsaws Invented?

Chainsaw Invention

In 1830, the first type of chainsaw was invented, called the “osteotome”, and it was used in medical procedures. In the 1920s, several companies began manufacturing chainsaws to be used in professional forestry work. Today, we have the modern chainsaw that any homeowner can purchase and use to perform woodcutting tasks. Now, if you want … Read more