4 Considerations for Cleaning Up Abandoned Property

cleaning up an abandoned property

Building rehabs are big projects, and there’s no bigger project than tackling an old factory, warehouse, or industrial building. Repurposing properties is good for a lot of reasons. It makes the community look better, it prevents the health and safety hazards posed by abandoned places, and it can pay off for you to convert unused … Read more

5 Common Demolition Hazards and How To Prevent Them

demolition hazards

When undertaking a home renovation or remodeling project, demolition is often an essential step that can’t be avoided. However, it’s crucial to understand the common demolition hazards and how to prevent them before diving headfirst into your project. Take a look at this list before beginning your project so you can be fully prepared. Falling … Read more

How To Prepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster

prepare your home for a natural disaster

Natural disasters can strike at any moment, catching us off guard and leaving devastation in their wake. It’s essential to take actionable steps to safeguard your home and family against such hazards. Here are several practical tips to prepare your home for a natural disaster and ensure your loved ones’ safety. Purchase a Whole-Home Generator … Read more

Powered Up: Essential Electrical Work for Your Home

essential electrical work

Electrical work is one of the most critical aspects of your home and should never be taken lightly. Whether you’re a homeowner, renovator, landlord, or a DIY enthusiast, understanding the essentials of electrical work is crucial for ensuring the safety and functionality of your home.  Here, we’ll take you through some essential electrical work you … Read more

5 Ways To Decorate Your Backyard

ways to decorate your backyard

Transforming your backyard into an inviting, beautiful space can significantly enhance your outdoor experience, impress your guests, and improve your home’s overall aesthetic. If you’re a homeowner or handyman in search of inspiration to revamp your outdoor area, look no further. Here are five ways to decorate your backyard and create the perfect environment. Add … Read more

5 Tips for Stainless Steel Maintenance and Care

stainless steel maintenance

Stainless steel is known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and sleek, modern appearance. Whether you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen or outdoor tools, proper stainless steel maintenance and care are essential to ensure the material remains in top condition. Here are five tips to keep your stainless steel items looking great and performing … Read more

5 Tips for Starting a Snow Removal Business

snow removal business

Winter will be here soon, with plenty of snow to move so adults can get to work, and kids can get to school. Here are several key tips for starting a snow removal business to help DIY enthusiasts turn a snowy day into a profitable venture.  Choose Your Equipment A snow removal business is a … Read more

3 Helpful Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

maintenance tips for new homeowners

Overlooking certain DIY maintenance tasks in a new home leads to costly damages and an unattractive aesthetic. Becoming a new homeowner is hard because there’s a lot to learn. So you may not even know about some maintenance tasks. Let’s explore three of the most helpful maintenance tips for new homeowners so that you can … Read more

4 Industrial Applications for Boron Nitride

industrial applications

You probably don’t often think about boron nitride, but it’s a surprisingly versatile chemical compound with many interesting industrial applications. Boron nitride is a common aggregate for many industrial cutting and grinding processes, seeing use in cutting and grinding wheels for wood and metalworking projects. Read on to learn more about the capabilities and functions … Read more